Let's Play!

Shakespeare.jpg A Guide to Bed, Breakfast and the Bard ("the Bard Guide").  Regional theatre provides opportunities for theatre aficionados in every corner of the world.  Like playwrights that followed him, we use Shakespeare (the Bard) for our inspiration. We have compiled a list of theatre festivals and acting companies that offer a wide range of theatrical experiences and have cross referenced bed and breakfast accommodations convenient to their venues.  These unique lodging choices provide the perfect amenities to complement your theatre experience. The Innkeepers welcome theatre patrons and are happy to help plan your trip, using their B&B as a base.  

You can search festivals and theatres by location or by name. You will find links to each festival or theatre where you  can view performance information, calendars, and ticket information.  Along side, you will find a list of lodging options, with links to participating Bed and Breakfast and Inn's website.